Mandala Altar is a monastery for Tibetan Buddhism sect practice, which is very rare in the world at present. In the center of the temple hall, there are 12 painted murals on the inner wall and 16 painted murals on the outer wall. All of which are painted by Tibetan living Buddhist painters.

Mandala Altar was exact replica and constructed by Tibetan craftsmen from Lhasa. Its is 12 meters high with a building area of 282 square meters. All the special materials came from Lhasa. The building plan is square shape outside and rounded shape inside. It is surrounded by eight time-wheel towers, reflecting the ancient Chinese philosophy of "heaven and earth" and "all directions" and also corresponds the Tibetan religious culture. In April 1994, The Altar has been blessed by eminent monks from Tibet during the opening ceremony.












Location: Tibetan Museum in North Park


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