Chinese New Year Festival

That is the Chinese traditional Spring Festival,is also the Bai nationality's "Spring Festival". During the festival, there are usually lions dance, dragon lanterns and other recreational activities, such as singing big songs, blowing tunes, Dian opera, etc. In some places, there are also "God greeting contests" to greet and send off "our Lord" respectively, so that one side can enjoy good fortune and a good harvest.

March Street

Also known as Guanyin Market, it is a grand festival and street rush period of Bai nationality, with a history of thousands of years. It is held at the foot of Cangshan Mountain, West Point of Dali Old City from March 15 to 20 of the Chinese calendar every year. It's said that the great Guanyin opened up Dali area. In order to commemorate her, people of many ethnic groups come to meet and perform various dances and horse racing at this time of year. Later, march street gradually became a grand annual material exchange meeting.

Around three souls

Every year, from April 23 to 25 of the lunar calendar, men, women, old and young come to Erhai Lake in Cang Mountain from defferent directions in full dress to participate in the "three spirits" tour, so as to eliminate the disasters and diseases of this year. That is, first day to visit the north, the second day to visit the south,the third day to return home. Starting from the 23rd, people singing and dancing during the festival gather at the foot of Cang Mountain in the north to the "Shendu" under Wutai peak, praying or singing all night. On the 24th, people for the festival set out from the "Shendu" and went south to bypass the village and river area near the Er lake, praying and singing in the main temple that night. On the third day, people continued to march along the Er Lake, around the Chongsheng Temple of Dali. Ma Jiuyi temple is in the East. After praying, he will return home. The festival is over.

Seedling planting Association

Every May of the lunar calendar, there is a "seedling planting meeting". People carry the rice seeding flag, beat gongs and drums to gather at the center of the village. After a simple sacrifice, they started a seedling planting meeting combining sacrifice with labor production. First of all, we selected a "rice seeding officer", dressed up with crops or farm implements, planted the rice seeding flag  on the head of the field, played the suona, and "rice seeding officer" knocked the Mang Gong with hand, and adjusted the speed of seedling planting by the speed of gongs, so that the whole activity becomes a scene full of joy and joy from heavy transplanting labor. In addition, through collective participation, we can help farmers who are short of labor force to put seedlings into the field according to the season, so as to ensure the harvest in autumn.

Torch Festival

On the eve of the autumn harvest, a torch festival was held to wish a good harvest and a prosperous life for people and animals. On the evening of June 25, a column of torches was set up at the door of every family.At the entrance of the village, torches and heaps of fires were set up, and red and green paper flags with auspicious words such as "one year's auspiciousness" and "harvest of grain" were inserted on them.When the torch festival was announced,people first sang and danced around the fire, and then began to travel in the mountains. Bai men held torches and formed long lines in the fields. During the parade,countless moths rushed to the fire and torches, making the torch festival not only warm, but also eliminate pests in a large range before harvest.

Shibao Mountain Song Festival

July 27-29 in the lunar calendar. At this time, young men’s and women’s singers of Bai nationality from Jianchuan, Dali, Eryuan and other counties gather in Shibao Mountain to sing and play. During the day, singers compete on stage. At night, young men and women express their love by singing in the forest, beside the big rocks and beside the fire pool.

It's said that in NanZhao period, a beautiful Bai female singer sang for three days and nights in Baoxiang temple. The song was sweet and beautiful, and finally died peacefully in the song. People said that she was a "Song God" who came down to earth and respected her as "Song Mother". And built her tomb in Shibao Mountain. After that, everyone who goes to the Shibao mountain to sing duels, men and women, must kowtow to the tomb of Song Mother first. It is said that only in this way can they sing well, and in the duels, they can compare with their loved ones.

From then on to now, every year in Baoxiang temple and Shizhong temple, a duet platform for young men and women should be set up. In fact, the Shibao Mountain concert is a meeting for young men and women to talk about love, which has a strong Bai style.

Play the sea

Every year on July 23 of the lunar calendar, Dali and the people nearby hold boating and releasing activities. One is to salvage Duan Chicheng,the hero of beheading python,and the other is to commemorate Princess Bai Jie, the wife of Lord Deng Dan who died in the sea like Qu Yuan. A book named the Yunnan system which belonged to the teacher's school in the Qing Dynasty, recorded that "on July 23, there was a meeting of dragon gods on the West Er riverside. Among the hundreds of miles, big yachts and small yachts gather in salt and pray in Er Lake God temple. Lights, candles, stars, perfumes and mist... That is, no one is rich or poor, young or old men and women travel . "


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