Chinese Phonetic Alphabet (Pinyin): cháo xiǎn

English Translation1: Chosen, Korean

Population & Distribution2: Total population is 1830929, mainly distributed in the area of Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province and Liaoning Province.

Spoken and Written Language: They speak Korean which Language family to be identified. There is a script system for the language. Korean script has 40 phonetic alphabet letters that used to make up a character according to the spelling rules.

Major Industry: The Korean-populated area is hometown of rice in the north China. The rice which was used to tribute to emperors coupled with qinseng and deer antler that grown in the Changbai Mountain. These are credited as three treasures of northeast China.

Religious Belief: There are few religious believers in this ethnic minority. Only a small number of them believe in Buddhism, Catholicism or Christianity.

Traditional Festivals: The Spring Festival, Qingming festival(Tomb-sweeping day), lantern festival and the elderly festival.

Traditional Diet: Cold noodles, pickles, dog meat, cakes and Mingtai fish.

Traditional Folk Art: Farmer’s Dance, Long Drum Dance, Fan Dance, kayagum, Slim bili, etc.

Note 1: The English names of nationalities are compiled according to the usage of the Internet and written materials.

Note 2: The distribution of ethnic population and regions is cited from the computer aggregated data of the 2010 census of China.



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