Chinese Phonetic Alphabet (Pinyin): huí

English Translation1: Hui

Population & Distribution2: Total population is 10,586,087, mainly distributed in the area of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Gansu Province, Henan Province, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Qinghai Province, Yunnan Province, Hebei Province, Shandong Province, Anhui Province, Liaoning Province, Beijing, Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, Tianjin City, Heilongjiang Province, Shaanxi Province, Guizhou Province, Jilin Province, Jiangsu Province and Sichuan Province.

Spoken and Written Language: Hui people speak and write Chinese but retained some of Arabic and Persian vocabulary in their language.

Major Industry: Hui people engaged in agriculture and sidelined in animal husbandry. They are also skilled in business and handicraft industry.

Religious Belief: Hui people believe in Islam.

Traditional Festivals: The Id al-fitr Festival, Corban festival and Mawlid al-Nabi.

Traditional Diet: Tea, deep-fried dough cake, deep-fried dough twist.

Traditional Folk Art: The song of flowers, banquet music, tells of filial and piety.

Note 1: The English names of nationalities are compiled according to the usage of the Internet and written materials.

Note 2: The distribution of ethnic population and regions is cited from the computer aggregated data of the 2010 census of China.


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