Main Exhibition Hall

Clothes Stand in Qing Dynasty

 The wood clothes stand in Qing Dynasty generally stand seven chi (1 chi =0.33 meter) long, five chi high and two chi wide, ranking the biggest, heaviest and most massive ones in Chinese history.

Beds of Ming and Qing Dynasties

The bed is a room inside room and the home inside home, which occupied by one's half of the lifetime.

A bed is a world, a set of social conditions, and warmth of a family. The beds bares happenies and sorrows of life, and the most solemn scenes in life: birth, ageing, illness and death, have all closely connected with them.

Shoes, Headdresses and Bags

 China enjoys a long and brilliant history and culture. 56 nationalities have lived side by side in brotherhood and created our civilization. Our apparels reflect not only our civilization of thousands of years, but also abundant spiritual deposits, such as the life conventions, aesthetics viewpoints, nationality differences and religious beliefs. Among them, the headdresses, shoes and bags often turn out to be extraordinary and significant. The traditional Chinese shoes, headdresses and bags come from everyday life of the common folks.


  "Farming in the field with the sun right overhead, a peasant's sweat drops and disappears in the soil beneath the crops. For those who have never had such an experience, how could they know that every grain of food comes from hardship?" (An ancient Chinese poem)

Spinning and Weaving Workshop

Spinning and weaving are not only the business of women, nor are of single families. Spinning and weaving reflect the progress of human civilization and society, and related to our history and culture.

Chest Room

Chests contain the family treasuries of the common folks.

Measures and Weights

    The traditional Chinese unit for length is chi; for capacity and volume, is dou; and for measurement of weights, is cheng, or the steelyard.

Presents Room

    There is much to be learned about giving presents. Courtesy demands reciprocity. And mutual respect is a universally accepted rule in human relations and communications. It is not a coincidence that the words "courtesy" and "present" in Chinese are represented by the same character.

Baby Breeding Room

      Nothing can be more important than breeding a baby in the life of our folks. The whole family celebrates the birth of a new baby. Inside the "one-month box" carefully prepared by the long-waiting grandma, the tiger-shaped headdress and shoes as well as the little cotton coat are neatly placed.

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