The China Ethnic Museum is a patriotism education base in Beijing and a national unity education base for primary and secondary schools in Beijing. The orientation education of national unity education to middle school students and citizens of Beijing is our responsibility. To fulfill the task, we has launched series of activities, such as "Love and cognitive of our nation", "Close up to the ethnic groups of our country", "I am grown up today", "Paint ethnic groups in my eyes", "Ethnic Park Cup for Youngsters on ethnic knowledge contest" and etc.

"Close up to the ethnic groups of our country" is introduced for the spring outing and autumn outing of school students.

"I am grown up today" is designed specifically for high school students as part of adult ceremony held for the 18-year-old students.

"Paint ethnic groups in my eyes" is designed for amateur of art and student of art school.

"Ethnic knowledge contest" is conformed to the textbook issued by the State Board of Education and a supplement of the class education.



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