The decorated cover bridge is also known as Huaqiao. It is another unique architecture of Dong and one of the architecture art treasures in Chinese timber structured buildings. The bridge is 50 meters long, 7 meters wide and 17 meters high with three towers and four corridors. The wooden beams are stacked and cantilevered. The prototype of the bridge is based on the bridges in Liping region of Guizhou province. Features of the towers located in other regions of Guizhou, Hunan and Guangxi provinces are also adapted. Covered corridor was built in order to protect wooden beams. The piers are stone built. Tower shaped pavilions were built over the piers. Benches are available in the pavilions and corridors which are well balanced for traffic and recreation functions. The bridge crosses over the water to link the both banks like rainbow over the waves. The visitors can rest or enjoy the scenery on the bridge.

The bridge and the drum tower blend into one harmonious whole and cast beautiful reflections. They are most attractive landscape of China Ethnic Museum.







Location: Dong Museum in North Park


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