The triple pagoda of Dali is the part of Chongsheng Temple, the Buddhist shrine, in Dali, Yunnan province. The main tower was known as Qianxun tower that was built in the Kaisei years of Tang Dynasty (824-836 AD). The other two small towers beside were built about 100 years later in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period (907-979 AD). It is one of the ancient architectural treasures in China.

The triple pagoda of Dali built in the museum is modeled after the original at 0.7:1 ratio. The main tower is 44.62 meters high with 16 layers of squared compact eaves. The tower body is hollow inside and was brick built. There are small shrines and relief sculptures distributed on the tower walls. The eaves are bent upwards on four corners and inward in between. Two small towers on both side are 27.62 meters high and octagonal shaped with ten layers of compact eaves. The body of these two towers a solid and brick built. There are Buddhist figures, lotus patterns, vase and other carvings in relief on the body. Three towers presented a triangular balance of power. The layout is unified, harmonious and integrated.

Location: South Park



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