Buyei live at the foot of hill and beside water. Most resident are built by slab stones. The village is surrounded by dense forest. Crop fields spread from the village and streams pass by. At spring season every year, golden rape flowers bloom every where in the terraces and the hills that spray a beautiful colors to Buyei village.


The area where Buyei people live is abundant of shale stone and the stone is easily cut into slabs. There for, such slab stones are widely used as building material. For roofing shale stones are used as tile and the walls are made of bulky stone and slabs. The stone is also used as materials of floor, door and window. Furniture is also made of stone, such as stone benches, corridors, pots, basins, mills and troughs.

Most of the slab stone houses consist of three rooms in a row. The central hall and two side rooms are all divided into front section and rear section. The framework of the houses is made of wood log and some of the houses have upper floor.

The architecture feature of Buyei dwellings is also called “gold wrapped in silver” where silver refers everything made of stone, while gold refers the wooden materials that painted with tung oil.

Location: Buyei Museum in North Park



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