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Notice to visitors

To protect cultural relics, buildings and the environment in the park, following rules are predefined.

  • Take good care of ethnic cultural heritage and respect the customs of all ethnic groups.
  • Take good care of cultural relics, buildings and public facilities. Do not put graffiti on, carve, or stick anything on the relics; do not make rubbings.
  • Take good care of lawns, trees and crops. Do not pick flowers, break twigs, collect crops and fruit from trees; do not carve on the trees, go over hedges or walk on the grass. Be gentle with animals; do not threaten or throw stones at them.
  • Keep the environment clean. Spitting, littering, pets, swimming and fishing are prohibited.
  • The park is top class fire prevention area. Smoking, firing, shooting, slingshots, explosives or flammables are restricted.
  • No peddling or illegal trading. No distributing of ads or propaganda materials in any form. Commercial tape recording and photography are not allowed in the park.
  • Except for non-motorized wheelchairs and prams, no vehicles are allowed in the park.
  • Unauthorized vehicles are not allowed to park in front of the park entrance. No peddler stalls are allowed.
  • Leave the park before closing hours. Do not linger or stay in the park at night.
  • Please follow the public conventions and predefined rules. Please maintain public order.

Guide to Water-Splashing

Welcome to the Dai Water-Splashing Festival. Please read carefully and respect the following regulations:

  • Respect to the Dai customs and traditions.
  • For the sake of safety and hygiene, please buy special basins at the store and get water from jars and wells at the square. Do not splash water to the Manfeilong Tower, lawns and rest areas. Do not splash with water hoses or drinks.
  • Splash and get water from the jars only after the Dai performers start splashing. Please avoid scramble for basins held by the performers or throwing basins, cans or bottles. Any injuries incurred by your improper behavior are your responsibility.
  • Please take good care of water jars and other public facilities. You will be charged for damage incurred to the facilities.
  • To avoid slipping, do not run on the wet ground. Mind your belongings to keep them from getting wet or lost.
  • When enjoying splashing, please take good care of the aged, women and children.

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