The main exhibition hall and some of branch museums have thematic exhibition presented permanent or temporary.

This column focuses on the introduction of permanent exhibition and provides location information.

The temporary exhibition will be announced on the front page of the website.

Exhibits in Main Exhibition Hall

The thematic exhibitions set up in the main exhibition hall all year round reflect the scenes and cultural and historical relics of the production and life of the people of all nationalities in China from different aspects of production and life. Click on the link below to get an introduction to the relevant content.

Introduction The Ancestors Hall Post house and Boatyard
Boudoir Study Room Baby Breeding Room
Presents Room Measures and Weights Chest Room
Spinning and Weaving Workshop Farmyards Shoes, Headdresses and Bags
Beds of Ming and Qing Dynasties Washbasin Racks in Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China Clothes Stand in Qing Dynasty


The Exhibit of Traditional Chinese Household Wares

Our Lovely Home: An introduction Embroidered Pouch
Hats Satchels of Chinese Ethnic Groups
Traditional Shoes of Chinese Ethnic Groups Chinese Folk Arts on Belly-bib and Bib
Tools for Traditional Handcraft Gold Lotuses: Arch Shoes for Bound-feet
Exquisite Silver Ornaments Needle and Its Companions
The Pillow Tips Traditional Chinese Tea Set and Tea Culture
Eight Hair Ornaments Chinese Folk Arts and Crafts of Powder Puff and Earmuff
Bow, Crossbows and Arrows – The weapons for Chinese ethnic groups Chinese Smoking Set, Opium Smoking Set and Cigarette Smoking Set
Traditional Drink Sets of Chinese Ethnic groups Traditional Chinese Chopstick Cage
Mud Whistle: a toy for the folks The Traditional Utensils for Water Pipe Smoking and Snuffing
Traditional Locks Wen-fang-si-bao: The Four Treasures of the Study
Three Traditional Chinese Ethnic Swords: Achang swords, Yingjisha knives and Bonan swords  
Traditional Lamps* Chinese Traditional Cake Moulds*  

Note: The exhibitions with mark * are not the same location as “The Exhibit of Traditional Chinese Household Wares”. Please refer the content page of these exhibitions for location information.

Beautyful Tibet

Flowers on the Grasslands: Exhibition of plait adornments of Tibetan girls Wonderful Caca and Marnyi Stone
Photo Exhibition: Tibet Abounds in Beauty and Charm Tibetan Frizzen Exhibition
The beauty of Tibetan necklace: The coral, amber, Dzi bead and turquoise Live Settings of The Jokhang Temple
Kangba Dwellings: Living untensils of Tibetans Gau Exhibition

Overseas Show

Silk Road: Opening Ceremony of "Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Vision" Chinese Ethnic Culture in Korea CCHPF Jointly with CEM for Chinese Ethnic Culture Show
On the Silk Road (2017) - Exhibition of Impression on Grassland Silk Road "Tibetan style" exhibition in the Sacramento, the United States
The Exhibition "Rice and Chinese Culture" in Canada Tibetan Buddhist and Tangka Art Exhibition in Taiwan

Featured Exhibits

Tradition Cold Processed Copper Wares in Xinjiang The Idili Silk from Xinjiang
Bird Photography by Wang Jin