Chinese Smoking Set, Opium Smoking Set and Cigarette Smoking Set

Chinese smoking set, opium smoking set and cigarette smoking set, as three major members of traditional Chinese smoking set family, are branded with cultural features of different era and have changed with the use of different breeds of products. They also represent a smoking culture brought on by the integration of social life, economic status, folklores and aesthetic concept of different ethnic minorities.

The mass production of tobacco in China can be dated back to the reign of Wanli, Ming Dynasty. It has a span of 400 years to date. It has been cherished by people for its simple method and the subtle functions associated with it.

Chinese smoking set is the most traditional and widespread smoking set comprising stem, pouch, long pipe and short pipe.

Opium smoking set is a general term for smoking tools, which includes the pipe, lantern lighter, stick, case and tray.

The tobacco roll wrapped by paper is called cigarette. The smoking sets for cigarette comprise the tobacco roller, tobacco case, lighter and ash tray.

Traditional Chinese smoking sets are tailor-made and uniquely designed in terms of the material, style, quality and other local features.

Pipes and accessories hereby presented are collected from the provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou, Shan’xi, Shanxi, The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Area and also from the city of Beijing. They cover a span of approximately four hundred years from Qing Dynasty to modern times.

The items displayed include: Mongolia style smoking pipe, Miao silver carved smoking pipe, tobacco pouch, antelope shank tobacco pipe, Tibetan snake head-shaped smoking pipe, pottery bowl, tobacco pipe that made of purple bamboo or mottled bamboo, stone tobacco pipe, bamboo water pipe, bamboo root tobacco pipe, tobacco case, steel for flint, leather mould tobacco case with lacquer coat, leather tobacco pouch, bib style tobacco pouch, steel and tinker with double bamboo pipe, leather cut tobacco case , opium pipe with silver relief, cupronickel opium smoking lantern with through-carved flower, tobacco bowl, copper opium case, Tibetan silver opium case, opium tray, cigarette holder, ivory cigarette holder and copper match box.

Location: 2nd floor, Bai Branch Museum, South Park