The grand gatherings were held to show the Chinese national style, reflecting the major events of national unity and prosperity. The China Ethnic Museum (the Chinese Ethnic Park) is the window and platform of such activities. In September 1994, the closing ceremony of the FESPIC Games for the Disabled held in the park to show the world the strengths and capabilities to organize the large-scale activities.

Since then, many large-scale international conference closing ceremony and party held here, such as the International Conference on Military Medicine, International Congress on Archives, International Geological Congress, International Congress of Architects, the International Postal Congress, International Sister Cities Conference; government departments and NGOs are all interested the characteristics of environment and services of China Ethnic Museum. CYL Central Committee held a youth festival of Hong Kong and Beijing, The China Children and Teenagers' Found organized opening ceremony of the first Chinese Children's Songs Day, the collective wedding ceremony sponsored by All-China Women's Federation, the Mid-Autumn Festival for Senior Citizens sponsored by the Civil Administration.

To hold a variety of large-scale special events has become the characteristics and advantages of the China Ethnic Museum.



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