Festivals of the Nationalities in China

China is a unified multi-ethnic country. The festivals of 56 ethnic groups are splendid. Ethnic festivals are formed in the long-term historical development of a nation. They usually hold celebrations or sacrificial ceremonies at a specific time of the year. The festivals of all nationalities in China can be roughly divided into six types: New Year's festivals, production festivals, youth festivals, commemorative festivals, custom festivals and religious festivals.

National festivals are the inheritance of cultural customs and contain rich cultural connotations. They not only show a nation's enthusiasm for life and hope for the future, but also show a nation's ethics, etiquette, communication and behavior, which have a strong function of connecting emotions and cohesion of the social groups.

Many festivals are related to the natural season. It either pray for harvest, worship gods, or praise heroes. In such occasion people singing, dancing and meet each other. Festivals are the living fossil of national history, the concentrated embodiment of national lifestyle, and the vivid display of national traditional production, life and culture.

Although festivals of different nationalities differ in content and form, they all have the common characteristics of stability, popularity, nationality and inheritance. Many national festivals have a history of several hundred years, and some even observed over thousands of years. They have become a cultural phenomenon deeply rooted in the earth and also a cultural treasure that needs to be further excavated.

The cultural activities in the China Ethnic Museum partially originated from the festival activities of different nationalities. These activities will be arranged according to the season. For the specific time and content of the activity, please refer to the activity information published in the "Notice" column of this website.


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Festivals of the Nationalities in China

(In Alphabetic Order)
Achang Bai Blang Bonan Buyei
Dai Daur Deang Derung Dong
Dongxiang Ewenki Gaoshan Gelao Gin
Han Hani Hezhen Hui Jingpo
Jino Kazak Kirgiz Korean Lahu
Lhoba Li Lisu Manchu Maonan
Miao Monba Mongolian Mulao Naxi
Nu Oroqen Pumi Qiang Russian
Salar She Sui Tajik Tatar
Tibetan Tu Tujia Uygur Uzbek
Va Xibe Yao Yi Yugur
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