Bird Photography by Wang Jin


Wang Jin, the Deputy Secretary General of Tourist Photography Professional Committee, a branch of Tourist Industry subcommittee of All China Federation of Industry and Commerce. He is also the member of China Photographers Association. His photographic works before 2010 are mainly scenery and folklore in medium and large format film. He is engaged in ecological photography after 2010 and dedicated to wild birds. After three years traveling around half of China, he has recorded more than 500 species of wild birds, many of which are included in the national protection of rare species.

As a national youth education base, efforts have been made by China Ethnic Museum to provide intuitive demonstration of traditional attitude of sense of survival in natural environment to young people. "Bird Photography Exhibition" is the beginning of a series of exhibitions and activities to be promoted. These will show the beauty of nature and the way of life in harmony with nature. We hope to arouse public sympathy and common awareness to respect our only home planet and the responsibility to protect the interest of humanity.

Location: Bai Museum, South Park

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