Chinese Folk Arts and Crafts of Powder Puff and Earmuff

Powder puff and earmuff are sewn stitch by stitch in Chinese daily life. They witness the dedication of mothers, wives or girls who have woven all their love into these articles, making the best nature of human beings evolve today and that is the part of great contribution of women.

Notwithstanding several hundred years for these articles hereby presented, you may still be touched by each one of them. The small and delicate powder puff is like a tender woman who puts red powder on her face sitting in front of a mirror. The blue earmuff adds the brilliant and elegancy to their husbands while warming their ears. Aren’t they the live of the women’s daily life and the days in the history?

Chinese women are so reserved and simple that they translate their daily life into history and culture and ultimately the human legacy. This is nothing but the perpetuity of their love.

The earmuff and powder puff presented here are collected from places such as Shanxi, Shan’xi, Guizhou, the Northeast of China and Beijing and boast a history of over four hundred years from Ming Dynasty to modern times.

The items displayed include embroidered powder puff and earmuff.

Location: 2nd floor, Bai Branch Museum, South Park

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