Traditional Drink Sets of Chinese Ethnic Minorities

Drink sets are designed for drink storage and drinking. They are the most primitive embodiment of China Alcoholic Beverage Cultures. Given the long history of drink making, drink sets are the mainstay of China Alcoholic Beverage Cultures and also the product of social and economic development. In other words, drink sets are reflections of social and economic changes.

The production of traditional drink utensils is splendid since the braze ware developed in Shang Dynasty and became most prosperous in Tang Dynasty. The drink utensils include three major types for the different usage, namely, the drink tank, the drink container and the drink set.

Drink tank boasts a big capacity. It is designed to store the drink. Drink container is served as container, spool, and drink heater. While the drink sets were facilitates transferring artistic appreciations as well as drinking tools. At times of drinking, people can immerse themselves in wine culture. The drink sets also helps keep people from overdrinking. They are all made with certain capacity to avoid overdrinking. There is another function for drink sets that shows social etiquette. As carrier of social etiquette, drink sets indicate different ethnic nationality and hierarchy in different era.

Drink sets hereby presented are locally made. They are sophisticated and boast rich ethnic and local drink culture which has become part of Chinese traditional culture.

All the drink sets preserved in our institute are collected from Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Jiangzhe, Shanxi, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Beijing. They have a history of over 500 years from Ming and Qing Dynasty to now.

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