Beautyful Tibet

Tibet, every one aspired mysterious land: Mountains of snow all year round, leather boat in the rapid stream stroke the spindrift, yak left shallow footprints on the prairie, fragrance of barley wine went out from the tent, golden temple roof gleaming in the dome light, the sound of Buddhist horn reverberation. Tibetans living on this land are simple, quiet, pious and heroic. Their unique tradition thrives from generation to generation, creating a new future of Tibet.

A professional staff team of China Ethnic Museum (Chinese Ethnic Park) has visited the roof of the world. They personally appreciated the amorous feelings of this snowy land and collected a large amount of items including necessities for religion and daily life. Therefore, dedicated to all viewers of this exhibition, not only describes the Tibetan life, and entrusted with the deep friendship between the team members and the Tibetan people.

At the Tibetan branch museum, we prepared a series of subject exhibits of utensils used for religious purposes and daily life. Click the hyper links bellow for more information.

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