The Traditional Utensils for Water Pipe Smoking and Snuffing

The utensils for water pipe smoking and snuffing are major types of traditional smoking sets in different cultural era. They have their life cycle depending on the type of tobacco consumed. They also represent a tobacco culture brought on by the integration of social life, economic status, folklores and aesthetic concept of different ethnic groups of China.

The water pipe can filter the smoke to remove the impurity substance in the smoke and reduce intensity of fire and make smoking more moderate. Smoking with a water pipe is a traditional and most reasonable means of smoking. The water pipe is graced with the shapes of linear and curvy. It composed of tobacco store, container and stem.

The process of snuffing is to inhale aroma and chilly smoke from snuff powder burning in fire. Snuff bottle is a typical tool. Snuffing was the favorite of Royal Family of Qing Dynasty and ethnic groups of Man, Mongolia and Tibetan. Snuff bottle, an embodiment of traditional Chinese workmanship and traditional culture, integrates fine arts of carving, studding, painting, calligraphy, jade, porcelain, enamel and metal. It has gone beyond its practical value to be the representative of Qing culture.

Exhibits hereby presented are collected from places of Yunnan, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Beijing and boast a span of approximately 400 years.

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