The beauty of Tibetan necklace: The coral, amber, Dzi bead and turquoise

Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau has created the unique aesthetic tastes of the Tibetan people and the necklaces that women wear is the most prominent. Dated back as early as 4000 years before, the Tibetan women wore necklaces of seashells, which naturally leads to the question that how were these seashells moved from the sea to the snowy region? What tools did they use to perforate the seashells?

The necklaces, favorite decoration of the Tibetan women, are mainly composed of beads made of coral, turquoise, amber, Dzi, agate, animal bones, pearls and shells. The red, green, white, yellow and other colors are interweaved and necklaces are stacked-up, which create a Tibet-specific sense of beauty. Moreover, the precious stones are deemed as containing some supernatural power that can protect and bless their masters.

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