Chinese folk arts on Belly-bib and Bib

In the daily life of Chinese people, belly-bib and bib are knitted thread by thread by mothers, wives or girls. They project the most sincere emotion of human being, tenderness of motherhood, and beauty of love into these small articles. The best human nature thus finds its way handed down to us. Greatness of women are also embodies therein.

Although these folk articles have a history of over several hundred years, you may still find each of them are touching. The “double phoenix” sewed on the crystal green or bright red belly-bib let you see image that a pretty girl stands near her bed with shy. The tiger head-shaped bib let you see a lively plump baby boy come to your embrace with his tender hands. The flower stewed on bibs for baby girls with feature and vivid petals, seemingly bringing people the smell of flowers and children at the breast. That is the everyday life of women.

Chinese women are so reserved and simple. But, their life made important part of the history, culture and the human legacy. That is the eternity of love and feeling.

All the items presented here are collected from Shanxi, Shan’xi, Guizhou, Northeast part of China and Beijing. Their history spans over four hundred years from Ming Dynasty to now.

The items displayed include belly-bibs and the mouth pads

Location: 1st floor, Bai Branch Museum, South Park

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