Our Lovely Home: The Exhibit of Traditional Chinese Household Wares

Home is the place of warmth, the bay of sentiment and the paradise of the mentality. It is also the witness of time, history and affection.

The thimble that mothers used in stitching soles, the sword that fathers used to hunt and the water pipe they used to smoke, the four treasures of the study for writing poems, mud whistle for child, belly bib used in childhood, the pouch that girls gave to their beloved, hairpin and flowery kerchief, wine cups used to drink “cross-cupped wine” at the first night of marriage, tiger-shaped hat for boys, flowery shoes for damsels, the grooving plane that neighbors used and ancient bows they collected…… All these were what we used in the past. They were presented here and help you recollect the memory of childhood.

You might consider that many of these have being in your home. That is true. Ordinary as they are, they are exhibited here as legacies in a live setting. The spirit of these household wares has being and is showing us how proud and beautiful their masters were when using or wearing them. Meanwhile, they also telling us with a pity, that living conditions changed, these unique and historical articles were deserted, detached or burned as they were thought of being either too unfashionable, too old or worn-out. The cultural and historical information associated with them also gradually faded out and perished.

Chinese Ethnic Museum, the new master of these articles, is committed to protecting and collecting these household wares and let people recall their memory of the past. To protect these historical witnesses of ours, may our home more beautiful. Where is the exhibit? It is on the Bai Branch Museum, the south park of China Ethnic Museum. What you will find in the exhibit? On the first floor: Pouch, belly bid, pillow ends, hat, ethnic shoes, ethnic bag, Chinese silver decorations, needle and its accompanies, traditional button and handicraft tools. On the second floor: Water pipe and snuff sets, Chinese smoking sets and opium smoking sets, drink sets, tea sets, four treasures of the study, hairpins, mud whistles, chopstick cages, bows and arrows, ethnic swords and traditional locks.

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