Gold Lotuses: Arch Shoes for Bound-feet

Foot-binding, a custom once practiced by Chinese women to demonstrate the charm and tenderness of female, was a product of “husband authority” in feudalism China, echoing the aesthetic standards at that time. This practice lasted for more than one thousand years in China, beginning in late Five Dynasties period, became widespread in South Song dynasty, and reached its climax in Ming and Qing dynasty. The ideal was “three-inch feet fit in gold lotuses”, a term coined in Yuan dynasty.

The Republic of China government tried to abolish foot-binding, which was fully abandoned after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

The exhibition of “Golden Lotuses” recurred to the unimaginable life of the Chinese women who practiced foot-binding, telling their tragic story in the feudalism era.

Location: 1st floor, Bai Branch Museum, South Park

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