Introduction of Exhibitions in Main Exhibition Hall

The ordinary folks create the history, yet the cultural and life relics that naturally reflect their true life are often ignored and excluded from the historical relics. More often than not, we see on display in the exhibition of historical relics, the treasures from the former kings, queens, generals, ministers and other aristocrats. On the other hand, the relics from the folks, which could not get buried underground, were faded out as time goes on. These articles for daily life and production usage are seldom called "relics", however, that depicts a vivid picture of the life and culture of the humanity. They are our history. They are our roots.


Our roots lie in the folk history. Our folks were used to enjoy their quiet and peaceful life and tolerable to the hard life. But they also stood up and struggle against the oppressors. The river of the folk history flows quietly along the mainstream of the society and nature. The exhibits are not arranged in chronicles or other traditional ways. We take the ways that more natural, flexible and comprehendible. We do not plan a "scholastic" or "delicate" show, but an exhibition that is to be common, realness and sensible.


Our history speaks of, and keeps a close watch on the everyday life of common folks. Talking about their transportation, we come to "the vehicles"; about marriage, "the boudoir"; baby born and bred, "the baby breeding room"; and the past history, "the ancestors" hall. "Production" goes along with cultivation farming tools while in "dressing" we can see spinning and sewing utilities.

To take a clear look of the folk life, we need to start from the "gate". Two panels make a gate and one panel makes a door. They are entrance and exit of the dwellings. Gates are witness of the happenings and changes in the history. There are city gates, district gates, house gates, etc. There are door paintings, door nails and threshold. There are door-guard, door-mirror, door-figure (all of which were thought to keep off evils). The gates are always attract the gaze of people. The gates make an entry into the Chinese culture in some way, and our exhibition starts from the "gates".

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