Hands Waving House of Tujia

Hands waving house is also called Official Hall. It is a place to sacrifice the God and the ancestors. It is also a meeting room for senior persons of the village. The public gatherings such as hands waving dancing are also held here.

Hands waving house is the exact replica of traditional building of Tujia in Yongshun area, west of Hunan province. It is timber structured temple style building with two stories. The foundation is built with stone strips. A pair of stone kylin is set under both sides of the stair way in front gate of the main hall and two columns on both side of the gate are engraved with dragons. Three Gods are enshrined on the base in center of the hall. The offerings are presented on the table in front the Gods.

Paintings about the history of Tujia are painted on the ceiling and internal walls.

Location: Tujia Museum in South Park

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