Old Dwellings of She

The houses is belongs to the Lei’s family of She nation. The house is relocated to Beijing from Mashan village, Xitan township of Fujian province. It is a U-shaped residential building with three stories. It is earth-wood structured building. There is a patio in the courtyard and surrounded by the corridors. The ancestral portraits and tablets are located in main house for enshrine and worship. There is a rice sieve hanging on the eaves and the ruler, scissor, mirror, almanac and other items are fixed to avoid evil spirits. The rooms on both side and the rear part are used for storage, catering, parlor and bedroom. There are eight rooms on the second floor that is granary. The rooms on third floor are used for storage.


The old building is a closed complex with high walls outside. Such design is helpful for defense. It is a self-contained system of production and living for several days without any resource from outside.

Location: She Museum in South Park

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