Chatang Covered Bridge

The bridge is relocated from Ningyingchuan town, Lishui area of Zhejiang province. The bridge is 72 meters long, 5 meters wide. It consists of three parts, namely, roof deck on the top, column and beam formed the frame in the middle and the rock base underneath for the load-bearing of the bridge. The deck is divided in fifteen sections. There are wind shells on both side of the bridge. There is a hanging shrine in the middle of the bridge that dedicated to the wood carving statue Guan Gong.

Bridges design is a typical style called rainbow bridge, which is prevalent in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) in central China. Similar bridge is appeared in a famous painting Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival. This bridge is unique form of a large-span wooden bridge in China. It has a invaluable in terms of architecture and culture.

Construction of this bridge is not only retained all the physical components but the slogans, village rules and any writings on the framework in various historical period. There for, the values of the technical and cultural heritages are fully preserved.


Location: She Museum in South Park

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