Miao Museum

Miao Museum is the exact replica of traditional Miao building in southeastern part of Guizhou Province. The building components were made by local craftsmen and transported to Beijing for completion. The museum was completed in 1992 and was open to the public in June 1994.

The museum comprises the building partially on stilts built by Shui Miao (Water Miao, a branch of Miao nation) and Shan Miao (Mountain Miao, another branch of Miao nation), tea house on stilts, silver shop on stilts, copper-drum yard, the tobacco baking house, the bench bridge, mill(water-driven) house, village gate and granary. The planning is designed in Shan Miao and Shui Miao village style. The vegetation and crops are arranged in accordance with local ecological environment. It covers a ground area of 4,200 square meters with building area of 1418.08 square meters.

All the exhibits are life settings according to the traditional production and daily life of Miao live in the southeast area of Guizhou Province. They are collected from Guizhou province and can be dated back from Qing Dynasty (1616-1911) to modern times, about four hundred years of history.

Location of Miao Museum: North Park

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