Li Museum

Li Museum is the exact replica of the traditional residential building in Baoting Li Autonomous Perfecture, Hainan Province. The museum is designed in the form of a village. It comprises boat house on groud, elevated boat house, pyramid-shaped house, grain drying rank and granary. Surroundings and vegetations are also set according to local climate. 

The museum covers a total area of 1,265 square meters with 556 square meters of floor area and 487 square meters of Shanlan Square. Building work was completed in 2006 and open to the public in 2007.

The exhibits in the museum are restored in light of traditional means of production and living. They are all collected from Li inhabit regions in Hainan and can be dated back from Qing Dynasty (1616-1911) to modern time, approximately 400 years history.

Location of Li Museum: North Park

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