Han Museum

Han Museum is exact replica of old Beijing Courtyard Dwellings. There are two courtyards and three main rooms are located in the front side of the inner courtyard. Side rooms are located on both side. Side rooms are smaller and lower. There is a festooned gate as the entrance of inner courtyard. Rooms on the south side of outer courtyard and a gateway between the rooms.

The planning of Beijing Courtyard Dwellings is remarkable in the space allocation and visual effect design. From the contrast of size, position, color to brightness, all the effects are combined to create the impact to the sense of worship, order, mystery and rich. The separation and closure of the interior and exterior space between the internal and external walls may prevent the interference from wind and sand. It also prevent the interference from sound and activities outside the courtyard. Isolation and independent living style in the crowded urban environment is great advantage of such planning.

Location of Han Museum: South Park

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