Daur Museum

Daur museum is an exact replica of traditional residential house in Molidawa area, Inner Mongolia. The building components were built by local craftsmen and transported to Beijing for completion. This museum was built in 1993. Since the main room was smaller than the original, the main building was rebuilt in 2006 and completion ceremony was held in April 2007.

The museum comprises main room, eastern store room, western store room, courtyard gate, fence wall and vegetable field. Vegetation and crops in the museum are arranged in reference to local environment. It covers a land area of 580 square meters and floor area of 152 square meters.

All the exhibits are life setting in accordance to life and production activities. They are collected from Molidawa area, Inner Mongolia and can be dated back to Qing Dynasty(1616-1911) to modern time, with a time span of two hundred years.

Location of Daur Museum: North Park

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