Bonan Museum

The Bonan museum building is exact replica of residence Bonan traditional houses in Jishishan area of Gansu province. It was built in 2006.

The Bonan people used to set their residents together to form a village. Most of the housed a earth-wood structured and low. Houses and courtyards are interconnected and located orderly. Such building plan is called Zhuang-kuo. A Zhuang-kuo is normally consists of four sectors, i.e., a main room, a kitchen, a living room and pens. The compact arrangement of the courtyard with a front porch, fully equipped utensils, clean and spacious.

Houses were built on the hillside, the gate is open to the west and the main building is located at east. North wing of the houses in conjunction with the main building to form an L shaped layout and walls on other two sides make the courtyard.

The building is earth-wood structured side slope bungalows. The houses have short span length and are good for light and ventilation. They are built with rubble foundation, earth wall, gray roof and wooden windows. There is a spacious front porch in front of main house. Porch is supported by pillars with stone bases. A water tank placed in front of the porch for water storage. Main room is located in the middle of the main house. There is a square table and chairs for guests. There is a heated kang located at the north side of the room, which is used by senior couples of the family. There are wood files and decorative columns at the south end of the kang. Another kang is located at the south of the room that is used by younger generations. The cabinet or boxes are also set on the kang.

The North wing is used as a workshop to make the sword. There are tables, tools, grain storage and other utensils. A small blacksmith furnace for forging, hardening swords is located in the yard. A kitchen room is located at northeast corner of the yard. The kitchen room is spacious and a lighting patio is available.

Location of Bonan Museum: South Park

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