Ticket Information

  1. Ticket for adults is 90 Yuan/per person.
  2. Ticket for student is 65 Yuan/per person (valid student ID required).
  3. Ticket for handicapped is 65 Yuan/per person. Valid certificate required. Free for first class handicapped veteran certificate holders.
  4. Special discount of 36 Yuan for winter vacation and 52 Yuan for summer vacation per person for students (valid student ID required).
  5. Senior citizens aged from 60 to 79 may have special ticket of 65 Yuan/per person with a valid ID or certificate.
  6. Each adult ticket holder may either bring a child under 1.3 meters or an aged over 80 (valid ID for ages required).
  7. Special 2 Yuan ticket is required for entrance of Tibetan Mandala Altar.
  8. Holders of museology certificate may have special ticket for 65 Yuan/per person.
  9. The tickets are not refundable.
  10. Visitor group over 15 persons may hold official certificate to book the group ticket.
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