"Tibetan style" exhibition in the Sacramento, the United States

August 12 to September 5 2005, the exhibition "Tibetan Style - the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Tibet Autonomous Region” was open in California in the United States. It is a cooperative project sponsored by the China Ethnic Museum and the local government of California State. The exhibition is part of the California Agricultural Expo.

The California Agricultural Expo has over 150 years of history and a most important annual event in the California state. The audience of the faire is over a million. It is the first time a Chinese Tibetan exhibition at the Expo that became the highlights of the Expo this year.

Ms. Wang Ping, president of the China Ethnic Museum, said: This Tibetan style exhibition is jointly organized by the Expo and the California State University, the Hong Kong World Trade and Investment Company, China Ethnic Museum. It is aimed at introducing the rich and unique culture of Tibet to the people of California, to promote cultural exchanges between the Chinese and American people and to enhance mutual understanding and friendship of different nationalities.

China Ethnic Museum carefully selected 123 precious objects and arranged four thematic settings, that is, residential life, transportation, apparel and folk art. These exhibits will show the Tibetan people and culture. The beautiful photographs are also displayed in the exhibition that also an attraction to the American audience.

Norbert J.Bartosik, the Chairman of Cal Expo, expressed the appreciations to the Dean Wang Ping for such a good exhibition. Many of the local Chinese are pleasant to have seen it first before the opening of the Expo.



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