Hui Museum

Hui Museum is exact replica of the cave dwellings in mountain area in the south of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Area. They were built by local craftsmen according to the national customs and construction technology. Construction work was started in 2000 and open to the public in September 2001.

The museum consists of traditional cave dwellings (6 caves on the lower courtyard and 3 caves on the upper), upper courtyard, lower courtyard and dry plateau field. The overall planning was designed according to the Hui village environment in Loess plateau. According to the features of local climate and vegetation, matrimony vine, sorghum and other crops are cultivated. The museum covers a ground area 578 square meters, building area  162 square meters and dry terraced field 126 square meters.

The indoor and outdoor display of the museum is arranged according to the traditional production and life style of Hui. All the exhibits were collected nationwide which dating from the Qing Dynasty (1616-1911) to modern times, about three hundred years of history.

Location of Hui Museum: South Park

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